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B E   C O L L E C T I V E

Growing our screen sector while raising up equity, diversity, and inclusion in film & television industries


- To build capacity among BIPOC youth and youth from other equity-seeking groups to participate in the film & television industry. - To establish tangible connections for entry-level practitioners to break down barriers to entry in a close-knit screen industry. - To build capacity in emerging filmmakers so as to fill critical workforce gaps in the local film industry. - To share learning gleaned from this initiative with key industry stakeholders who may wish to create similar projects to grow, strengthen and diversify our screen industries.

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- Last year, our company undertook a nation-wide study called "Building Inclusive Networks in the Film & Television Industry" with Telefilm Canada, the Canada Media Fund and other stakeholders.

- We identified major gaps in terms of access to social networks and professional development opportunities for entry-level BIPOC film and television practitioners, as well as considerable barriers to entry and career sustainability.

- The current aims to tackle some of the challenges identified in our research.



Our project, “BE Collective”, a three-month initiative offering networking and on-set, hands-on professional development opportunities in connection with the filming of our pilot for a comedy series “Notes on Being Un-Popular”, seeks to:


- begin to fill the beforementioned gaps.

- create an archival of the process that could be used as a tool and
resource for other production companies seeking to enhance Equity,
Diversity and Inclusion in our film industry.





We will be offering 20 positions to BIPOC students and trainees from other equity-seeking groups to get this needed training and networking experience.


Documenting our learning and progress is a key deliverable of this project. Our archival deliverables will include a video documenting the professional development process of our trainees and a best practices document that will be published on our website and those of our stakeholders.

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