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“Shades of Worth”, an exploration of self-confidence and beauty in Black women, is the first in a series of videos under the #ShadesofWorth campaign.

#ShadesofWorth is a campaign, launched by 1844 Studios, a production company owned and operated by Women of Color. The campaign used screen media to encourage Black women and women of color in the paths of leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and the arts. The videos address issues related to the promotion of self-worth, and the dismantling of societal barriers to progress, for woman of color; they challenge stereotypes and showcase the achievements and journeys of women of color in Canada and globally.

“Shades of Worth” is a two-minute film starring three Edmonton-based actresses from the Black community (Charlene Smith, Kami Norbom and Sandra Emeh) as well as the filmmaker, Nauzanin Knight. The film was selected to several film festivals, including, the Toronto Black Film Festival, Halifax Black Film Festival, Edmonton International Film Festival, and the Calgary Black Film Festival.

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