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A young Indigenous singer decides whether or not to debut a song internationally that will expose her turbulent past and the adoption of her child.

A television broadcast is set to air live to an international audience the following day. SHERITA, a young Indigenous woman, and up-and-coming singer in Canada, who has emerged anew from a turbulent youth—one of drug abuse, and a violent romantic relationship which resulted in her comma and the forced adoption of her baby— is set to take the stage tomorrow with her new song called "My Lyric, I Never Knew", about the child she never knew.

Moments before she is to perform, she is seized with fear about whether she should reveal her vulnerabilities before the public, but while backstage, she sees the excitement in the eyes of a fan of hers, a child in the studio audience.

Sherita takes the stage and performs her song of imaginations about how the tragic episode of her youth has resulted in a happier life than she would have been able to offer to "her Lyric".

Available on CBC Gem:

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