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1844 Studios Inc. is an international Film Production Company specializing in visual storytelling. Our company is dedicated to producing thought-provoking content that resonates with audiences globally and fosters collaborations and partnerships across several regions.

With a diverse cadre of in-house talent and vast array of international collaborators, our company brings a unique lens to story-telling, emphasizing the oneness of humankind despite the diversity of experience.


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Creative Development

With a backgrounds in creative writing and research, our key players are of the mind that a successful film or series begins with a well-established story. We employ a consultative approach allowing for diverse perspectives to elevate the final product.

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With acclaimed project management talent, our studio brings a systematic, meticulous and creative approach to pre-production, enabling the process of creative development to come to fruition.

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Drawing on the artistic and technical expertise of our collaborators, as well as technology—cutting edge or nostalgic— our production team realizes the creative vision. The unity of vision fostered in pre-production impels the production phase.

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From mere ideas, images and sounds, a skilled editorial and post-production team, meticulously crafts the motion picture which is destined to meet the eye of the viewer and culminate in meaning.





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